Supporting change management

Embedded support

We understand that implementing new systems can be intimidating and difficult. Lookout provides a dedicated solutions team and administration tools to support customers from set up through to day-to-day usage.

We are there to understand the gaps, the issues and the need for change in order to fulfil the core mission – care for people.

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Migration and solutions team is here to help

Changing systems and migrating data is hard. Training teams and getting buy-in across the organisation can be harder still. We get it.

Lookout's customer success team will provide you with as much help as you need, for as long as you need until you are completely satisfied with the transformation in your business. They're experts with hands-on experience that can impart their knowledge to your staff while we get Lookout up and running for you.

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Visualise and track critical business data

Lookouts data warehouse and sisense integration allow for the development of key business data visualisations and analytical tools.

Our solutions team can work with you to represent the most meaningful insights for your business, or you can leverage existing templates to make considered decisions fast.

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Native integration with industry-leading platforms

These integrations can be configured securely on an instance by instance basis to your business accounts:

  • Intercom: Targeted messaging for marketing and support
  • FrontApp: SMS communication
  • Ezidebit: Recurring and one-off client billing to bank accounts or credit cards
  • Xero: Accounting software
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All personal information is protected from loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure

  • Personal information is encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) when it is transmitted from our servers to the app or browser and when data is transmitted between our systems via AES-256 block-level storage when it is at rest (e.g. databases, files and backups).
  • Personal information is physically secured in controlled facilities that are located in Australia and the United States of America.
  • Our employees and contractors are bound by a Code of Conduct to maintain the confidentiality of information.
  • Employee’s access to Lookout can be remotely revoked if their devices become lost, stolen, or compromised. All the contents of our employee’s devices are encrypted and their devices require a passcode to access.
  • Care worker access can be remotely revoked if their device becomes lost, stolen, or compromised. Third-party providers do not use the systems.
  • The last 30 days of users' access to our systems (or IP addresses) are logged so we can verify that no unauthorised access has happened.
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Simple to integrate customer signup

Lookout works with your existing marketing strategy and setup. Simply and securely direct customer registration information to the Lookout platform from your existing website or platforms to onboard them to your instance and start the customer development journey.