How to use Lookout to support each phase of your data strategy

Ever wondered how some care organisations operate so smoothly given their sheer size and the breadth of the many care services they offer? Or how some care organisations operate so smoothly given fast growth?

Great people and processes are essential, of course, but to successfully operate a care business smoothly at scale, you need an excellent technology setup and effective dashboard reporting that helps you truly understand business performance and empowers smarter business decisions.

In this webinar masterclass, discover how to make data-backed decisions for your care business and achieve more on a tight budget by leveraging technology and automations.

Join us as we show you the tactical steps of what's involved in:

  • selecting and configuring the appropriate tools and technology to align with your current and future business needs,
  • setting up integrations and dashboard reporting to accelerate and optimise business performance and
  • harnessing the potential of pipelining and combining data from various sources.

Also, take a behind-the-scenes look at Lookout's schema, APIs, webhooks, and automation features. Understand how to use the features within Lookout as you grow and expand your business, and learn how Lookout supports each phase of your data strategy.

Experience the power of data-driven strategies that not only enhance business profitability and compliance but also elevate the quality of care your organisation delivers.

Hosted by:

Sarah Larsen
Enterprise Account Executive
The Lookout Way


Tate Johnson
Chief Technology Officer
The Lookout Way

Matthew Cowley
Head of Demand and Revenue
The Lookout Way