The only digital care management platform built by care, for care.

Lookout is a transformative technology, backed by industry experience that solves inefficiencies while keeping everyone informed and enhancing the skills of frontline staff.

Built by the experience of running real care businesses.

Lookout solves problems by focusing on three key pillars critical to the success of every care business:

Remote Care Monitoring

Put customer outcomes at the center of everything your organization does. Lookout offers unparalleled transparency of both the micro and macro insights you need to best attract, service, and retain your customers. Run telehealth and community care from a single platform.


Allow staff to access the right information at the right time to solve inefficiencies and promote collaboration. Enhance existing skills and foster confidence in roles to improve performance company-wide. Attract and retain talent by allowing them to operate at the top of their capabilities.


Implementing new systems can be intimidating and difficult. Audits and regulation mean change can’t be taken lightly. Lookout's dedicated solutions team & administration tools support care businesses from setup through to ongoing day-to-day usage.

We want to partner with the care sector by sharing our technology which is built on the experiences of managing our own care business.

Five Good Friends and Lookout.

“Unlike many other sectors, the care industry has been starved of software solutions focused on solving key problems. It has been hard for many organisations to evolve and modernise, but we believe there is a real desire to engage technology and improve the quality of care and customer experience.

At every step of the way, we’ve built Five Good Friends and the Lookout software on the belief that aging Australians can live better lives in the homes and communities they love. By empowering skilled and caring people with technology and tools, we will see everyone thrive.”

Simon Lockyer – CEO Five Good Friends and Lookout

Hours of homecare powered by Lookout.

Care visits monitored each month.

"Five Good Friends and the Lookout software will allow older Australians to live better and happier lives in their own homes and in the communities they love by empowering skilled and caring people with brilliant, easy-to-use technology."

Ita Buttrose AO OBE
Five Good Friends & Lookout Ambassador

A truly customer-focused digital care management system

Remote care monitoring

Remote care monitoring provides unparalleled oversight by detecting changes in a customer’s health and wellbeing, alerting care managers in real-time. This enables care delivery to respond quickly, adjusting care plans and notifying care workers, customers, and loved ones.

The Lookout machine learning algorithm allows you to identify risk as it happens, with any concerns flagged with the case manager so they can intervene immediately.

Customer surveys, integrated device feedback, and well categorised customer profiles allow your business and your customer's families a comprehensive remote oversight of care outcomes in the home.

Using remote care monitoring, Lookout can be utilised to run both home and telehealth care services from a single platform with a unified view of the care needs and history of every customer.

Attract and retain the best talent

Collaboration made easy

Care staff is attracted to the industry because they have a deep desire to perform to the highest standard for the customers in their care.

Unlock the potential of your team by providing them with the tools to collaborate and communicate effectively – building confidence in their roles, reducing errors, and improving retention of great staff.

With Lookout, care staff can operate at the top of their licence by getting the right information, to the right people, instantly. This gives them the right information to understand their care recipients to deliver a higher quality of care and service.

Enhance existing skills and foster confidence in roles to improve performance company-wide.

Supporting change management

Embedded support

We understand that implementing new systems can be intimidating and difficult. Audits and regulations can make change seem out of reach for many organisaitons.

Lookout provides a dedicated solutions team and administration tools to support customers from set up through to day-to-day usage.

We are there to understand the gaps, the issues, and the need for change in order to fulfil the core mission – care for people.