Calm compliance in home care

Learn the steps Five Good Friends takes to achieve an excellent compliance track record and how Lookout helps streamline these steps to reduce stress around audit time and improve care outcomes.

In this webinar recording, Quality Outcomes Manager for Five Good Friends, Neeley Cordery, alongside Lookout’s Head of Growth, Ben Hough, will educate you on:

  • The steps Five Good Friends takes to feel confident and ready for quality assessments and audits.
  • How Five Good Friends unpacks and applies the Aged Care Quality Standards and NDIS Practice Standards in their systems, processes and technology.
  • Non-compliance trends happening in the care sector and how you can avoid them.
  • Risks to clients, how to identify them, and how they shape regulatory requirements.
  • How to analyse and prove adherence to standards, and the steps Five Good Friends takes to master a great self-assessment.
  • What a quality management system is, and how to set one up to provide safe, compliant, high-quality, sustainable care - no matter how big or small your care business and client base.
  • How to use a digital care management system, like Lookout, to systematise compliance requirements, leave comprehensive records and reduce admin requirements in preparation for assessments and audits.
  • The importance of risk-based standards, and how Lookout helped Five Good Friends mitigate risks to clients and workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The types of information that sits within, and is used within, Lookout for audits and assessments.
  • The advantages of doing internal audits to help maintain alignment and accountability within your team, keep service quality high, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and keep record management top of mind.
  • How forming a care quality advisory body can help improve outcomes and compliance, and what business metrics to look at to facilitate informed decisions.

When it comes to compliance, your reputation is on show. You’ll walk away from this webinar knowing what it takes to have your ‘ducks in a row’ and be calm and confident in your compliance.

You’ll also learn the quality management, record keeping, and time-saving benefits that you can achieve with the use of a good digital care management platform.

Whether you are a small home care provider looking to understand how to maintain compliance as you grow, or a large provider looking how to leverage systems and technology to improve service oversight and care quality, you'll benefit from watching this webinar recording.

About the speakers

Neeley Cordery is the current Quality Outcomes Manager for Five Good Friends, and has been working in the human services industry for over 16 years, and in quality for 8 years. She is a qualified ISO 9001:2015 auditor and has extensive experience in applying quality management principles within organisations to foster a culture of customer focus, exceptional care quality and continuous improvement.

Ben Hough is currently the Head of Growth for The Lookout Way and has worked in software growth and development to meet industry and client needs for over 10 years. He believes strongly in the power of technology to solve customer problems, reduce stress and make a difference.