Home Care Package finance solution

Achieve easy Home Care Package claims, automatic client statements and track unspent funds each month with Lookout’s inbuild end-to-end finance solution.

Your care business finances, sorted.

A Home Care Package solution your finance team will love.

No more crunching numbers

Save time and money by automating your monthly Home Care Package claims and client statements.

Know exactly where you stand

Eliminate guesswork with accurate calculations and forecasts so you know exactly how much you’ll receive from Services Australia.

Gain the clarity and control you need

All the information you need to improve serviceability and avoid over-spending on client care entitlements.

Compliant with the government

Trust your claims will be accepted by Services Australia and meet the Improved Payment Arrangements requirements.

Stay aligned and on budget for every Home Care Package client.

Home Care Package management

Gain transparency of your client’s Home Care Package accounts to ensure they’re receiving their full care entitlements while minimising the risk of overspending. Clearly view and track the distribution of unspent funds.

Projected balance for the month

Know what’s safe to spend with projected balances. Lookout calculates the total available funds, then compares that with the projected costs to calculate what’s safe to spend.

Manage all areas of your client HCP funding

Automatically track subsidies and fees.

Input, manage, track and periodically update all funding, subsidies and fees in one place. Lookout automatically pulls this information to provide a clear view of unspent funds and client balances, and to generate claims and statements.

Clarity and transparency for your clients

Fast, accurate and automatic statements.

Lookout will automatically deliver monthly statements which include up-to-date account balances and unspent fund distributions to your clients via the customer-facing app once you’ve completed your claim submission.

Why Home Care Package claims are made easier with Lookout

Easy-breezy 3-step claim process


During the current claim period, Lookout will detect issues for you so you can ensure you submit a claim that will be accepted by Services Australia.


On the first day of the following month, you can generate a claim for the month that just passed. Simply press a button and sit back and relax while Lookout does all the calculations for you in under an hour.

Get paid

After you’ve submitted your claim with Services Australia, you can generate reports for easy account reconcilliation. Monthly statements will automatically be delivered via the client-facing app to your clients.

Shore up your care business for July 2024

Be Support At Home ready with Lookout.

The Lookout Way will continue to proactively develop our digital care management platform to meet the upcoming requirements of the new Support At Home program for July 2024.

We’ve got your back! Get your organisation technology-enabled for the future. We'll be working hand-in-hand with the government and providers on our platform to deliver a timely and pain-free solution for Support At Home.

Not looking to migrate everything?
Let us handle claims for you.

Migrating to a new system is too complicated for some operators to consider. Did you know we also offer our Home Care Package claims solution as a fully managed service that can seamlessly integrate with the systems and processes you already have?

Built for everyone in your care
organisation to reach their full potential.

Built for everyone in your care organisation to reach their full potential.