Remote care monitoring

Remote care monitoring provides unparalleled oversight by detecting changes in a client's health and wellbeing, alerting care managers in real-time. This enables care delivery to respond quickly, adjusting care plans and notifying care workers, clients and loved ones.

Every visit provides transparency and clinical information

Leverage the eyes and ears in the home to gain insight.

Every time a support worker’s visit is due to end, they are prompted to leave a check-out note. Check-out notes are analysed by Lookout's risk stratification algorithm to identify risks in real time. Any concerns are flagged with the case manager immediately so they can investigate and intervene on the client’s behalf.

Get care to go according to plan

Digital and dynamic customer care plans.

The dynamic care plan is a living, breathing document designed to evolve with the needs of your clients and ensure that all stakeholders have the information they need to deliver fantastic care all in one, secure digital record.

The dynamic care plan can be updated in real-time by your case managers. Any modifications are tracked for auditing purposes and then updates are published immediately to the care worker and client app with a timestamp so people can are aware when the document was last updated.

Always be on the pulse

Get a richer picture with client surveys.

Use surveys to gather trend-based insights into your customer's self-reported health, wellbeing and satisfaction. Surveys can be configured to trigger observations based on benchmarks to measure improvement over time and to alert your clinical staff about critical changes.

Surveys can be answered by clients or by trusted loved ones utilising the customer facing app. Results are published on the client’s health timeline for transparency and to pinpoint opportunities to improve.

Share important tasks via the app

Direct care workers remotely.

Your clinical, rostering or telehealth teams can attach should-knows or must-dos to visits to assign a task that must be done during the visit or to share important information or updates regarding that visit.

Should-knows are essential information which a care worker should be aware of before completing a client visit. A must-do is an important task, request or question which must be responded to by the support worker before they can check-out from the visit.

Lookout integrates and connects with common external devices and services for clients in a considerate, unobtrusive manner.

Calm and connected clients.

Monitoring devices

Connected devices can pass critical information back to a customer's health timeline. When combined with our other health timeline insights, it assists your care staff to make better support decisions, leading to better health outcomes for customers.


Lookout can be utilised to log telehealth care services to provide a comprehensive care history of every customer.

Tracking with cohorts

You can group your customers into cohorts to better categorise their needs and improve their wellbeing. You can target specific interventions to different cohorts and statistically measure improvements in the quality of their outcomes.

Discover how Lookout can
transform your care business.

Discover how Lookout can transform your care business.

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Find out how Lookout can provide
your team with better oversight.

Find out how Lookout can provide your team with better oversight.