Reporting & quality

Support your management, finance, operations and compliance teams with rich tools that provide meaningful client snapshots to promote better decision making. Reduce the stress of audits with constant, high quality feedback that clearly demonstrates the quality and efficacy of your organisation’s services.

Built-in business insights

Visualise and track critical business data.

Lookout’s data warehouse and Sisense integration allow for the development of key business data visualisations and analytical tools.

Our solutions team can work with you to configure the most meaningful insights for your business, or you can leverage existing templates to make considered decisions fast.

Stay on top of compliance and regulations

Proactively reduce risk.

Lookout provides the framework and guide rails to facilitate a high-quality standard of care delivery that is compliant. Our technology promotes consistent, regular tracking of your clients’ health and wellbeing by caregivers, while our algorithm alerts to ensure proactive intervention. We report changes in needs or condition back to you, to help you best manage your client’s care delivery.

Nail your audits and pass with flying colours

All the evidence you need at your fingertips.

Search, sort and track records

Access every note, update or modification by time and user. Your care records are digitised making them easy to search, sort and track in one holistic care management system. Reduce auditing preparation time by providing remote access to assessors.

Ensure service quality and consistency

Customise with your own business protocols and workflow with Lookout’s inbuilt ticketing feature which makes it easy for your care teams to attend to alerts to the highest standard. Resolutions are recorded and tracked in the customer notebook for a complete picture of a client’s care history.

Always be compliant

Being built by care, for care, Lookout is on the pulse of new and changing standards in the aged and disability care sector in Australia. We’ll be there to empower you with our software solutions as changes occur or when issues need to be addressed.

Lodge, report and resolve incidents

With Lookout's end-to-end incident management add-on, empower your care team to easily lodge, report and resolve incidents to ensure compliance and care quality. Oversee all lodged incidents in a customisable dashboard within Lookout.

Lodge, prioritise, respond and report

End-to-end incident management.

Lookout can be configured to help your care team confidently lodge, track, report, attention and manage incidents.

Using Lookout’s in-built ticketing feature, inform your staff of processes, procedures and protocols depending on the nature of the incident. Incident notes and reports will sit on a client's file so that they can inform all areas of the organisation if needed to enable better care and foster continuous improvement.

Available asLookout add-onStand-alone solution

Available as
Lookout add-on
Stand-alone solution

Everything you need to support your finance team

Finance reporting and compliance.

Lookout includes a suite of financial tools that are designed to work with your accounting processes and support managing finances for a care delivery business.

Funds management

Integrations with Ezidebit and Xero

Automated customer statements

Invoice management and funds reports

Bulk custom invoices

Clinician and supplier purchase order management

Automatic variance reporting

Integrates with Tanda

Workforce payroll compliance made simple.

Tanda is Australia's leading award interpretation engine - specialising in automated workforce wage compliance.

Integrate Lookout with Tanda to automatically cross-check timesheets for award compliance before the pay run.

Lookout syncs completed shifts to Tanda in real-time - checking for awards compliance and making payroll adjustments for minimum wages, overtime and other entitlements automatically.

Utilise Tanda's quality integrations with all major payroll providers to ensure workers are paid correctly, and on-time, for each pay run.

Identify visit variances and achieve location compliance

Unparalleled visit oversight.

Obtain visit oversight with GPS-powered location and time geotagging at visit check-in and check-out. Easily compare scheduled vs geotagged visit logs, with significant variances automatically flagged, to ensure location compliance and to proactively handle visit disputes, calmly.

Easily generate visit travel reports that show scheduled travel against actual logs from support workers, to identify significant variances for attention.

Automated matching, background checks & documentation

A robust matching and verification system.

We’ve developed an effective and precise way for you to create, customise and manage careworker verifications and documentation.

You can verify and match caregivers with clients according to each client’s specific set of criteria. Our system can identify support workers who closely match a client based on their preferences or verifications required. You can be certain you’re building a roster of support workers that are compliant with each individual customer.

Our workforce dashboard will alert you when a support worker’s documentation is due to expire so your team can follow up in advance.

Discover how Lookout improves quality
and compliance in your care business.

Discover how Lookout improves quality and compliance in your care business.

Find out how Lookout's reporting
tools can aid your critical decisions.

Find out how Lookout's reporting tools can aid your critical decisions.