Claims and client statements

We offer a managed service to support you in submitting Home Care Package claims to Services Australia and providing your clients with monthly statements for the care and services you’ve delivered.

Your monthly Home Care Package claims and client statements, handled.

Let us handle claims for you.

We understand that migrating to a new system is too complicated for some operators to consider. With Lookout's managed service solution, you can achieve fast, accurate and compliant Home Care Package claims and client statements with minimal impact to your business.

Adapted to your business

A claim solution that seamlessly integrates with the systems and processes you already have. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Get paid in no time

Reduce payment delays and improve cash flow with fast and accurate claim submissions.

Save time and reduce costs

Significantly reduce in-house administration and accounting costs, and save hours of time each month.

We’ve got your back

Get the support your business needs to accurately submit claims and generate client statements every month.

Compliant with government requirements

Trust your claims meet the Government’s Improved Payment Arrangements requirements and are Services Australia compliant.

Tried, tested and accurate

Get a superior HCP claims experience.

To date, Lookout has processed over 20 million dollars in Home Care Package claims for thousands of care recipients nationwide. Our claim submission solution is now available to non-Lookout users as a managed service. Get the personalised support your business needs, and gain peace of mind knowing your claims and client statements are sorted.

Partner with us and get the support your business needs

Exactly how claims should be.

We’re here to support your business to grow

To help support operators looking for a solution for the government’s Improved Payment Arrangements without a complete business overhaul, Lookout offers Home Care Package claims as a managed service.

Hand over the stress and focus on doing what you do best

Working with our Success and Solutions team, all you need to do is handover your financial reports and Lookout will generate your claims and customer statements for you, on time, every month.

Shore up your care business for Support at Home July 2024

Begin a partnership with Lookout today and begin a reliable, consultative relationship that will address current and future changes in the financial and operations landscape of running a care business in Australia.

Unlock even more with Lookout's full
Home Care Package solution

Take the reigns and unlock even more capabilities for your care business. Gain complete oversight and control of your client’s Home Care Packages within Lookout. Monitor client budgets with projected safe-to-spend balances, keep track of your client’s subsidies and fees seamlessly, and submit monthly claims and generate automatic client statements with the click of a button. It’s never been easier!

Discover how Lookout’s software can transform your care business.