Scheduling the modern home care workforce

Hosted by Skills Hubs Featuring Lookout COO and Co-founder, Nathan Betteridge

As many would agree, scheduling and rostering for home care is complex. It's hard to achieve a balance between optimal workforce utilisation for business profitability, meeting compliance needs, and ensuring a schedule that meets the needs of today's 'hard to retain and attract' home care workforce.

In fact, many care workers have left jobs in the care sector from scheduling issues alone... whether that be from too much travel between home care appointments, incompatible client matching, or not enough hours.

In this webinar recording, Nathan will explore:

  • Common challenges often faced by rostering teams in home care.
  • What needs to be considered to roster for optimal business outcomes and workforce satisfaction.
  • Rostering and scheduling for awards compliance.
  • Solutions that exist currently in the market.

You'll walk away with some clarity on ways to reduce the complexity of scheduling and rostering for home care and learn what it takes to set - your business up for workforce retention.