Keeping families informed is at the heart of everything we do.

At The Lookout Way we understand that delivering peace of mind and transparency for families is the beating heart of every successful home health services organisation.

From this understanding, Lookout has been engineering to put communication and connection as the centrepiece. The Lookout Way’s Chief Technology Officer Tate Johnson recently sat down with SmartCompany to chat about technology in home services, he began by reflecting on his own experience.

“The experience we had with my own grandmother was satisfactory, but it wasn’t great,” Johnson explains.

“So, when it came to thinking about building Lookout, a lot of decisions that were made came from the perspective of what it was like for us as a family when we needed help.”

Lookout is the first truly family-focused digital care management platform designed and developed in Australia. Lookout was created based on the experience of operating one of the country’s fastest growing home care providers, Five Good Friends.

CEO Simon Lockyer said when we started The Lookout Way, we wanted to solve an important question – how do we empower the care industry to meet and exceed to the expectations of their clients, families, staff and support workers?

“While we have built the technology, at the very heart of everything we do is the home care client and their loved ones.”

“For us it is about transparency, collaboration and the drive to deliver better health outcomes. It is about communication, conversations and connection.”

Lookout makes it easy for families to communicate with workers and providers. Information is easy to find, use and is fully accessible. Most, importantly goals and outcomes are tracked and achieved.

“We wanted to create a platform where everyone is kept in the loop. Remote care monitoring supports the eyes and the ears in the home and provides additional peace of mind for loved ones. With access to the app shareable amongst trusted friends, family and loved ones, everyone gets peace of mind.”